Have You Moved More Times Than The Average American?

Moving house

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How many times have you moved in your life? For every person that uproots and moves every five years or so, there's someone who lives their WHOLE LIFE in the house they grew up in.

A new survey found that the average American packs up and moves all their stuff FIVE TIMES in their lifetime. Does that seem low . . . OR high?

If you're someone who settled down shortly after high school, you might only have a couple moves under your belt. For others who went off college . . . then moved from apartment to apartment or city to city . . . you may have moved a dozen times.

Either way, there are items you'll pack up and carry with you no matter what. According to the survey, the most popular items to KEEP are: Sentimental stuff . . . collections . . . family heirlooms . . . gifts from family and friends . . . and items someone handmade for you.

On the flip-side, the things people are most likely to purge during a move are: Books and papers . . . consumable goods . . . "knick-knacks" . . . small furniture . . . and small appliances.



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