Here’s Why Women Should Always Book Vacations

A lot of people are probably planning their summer and even fall vacations right now, and according to a recent study, if men were smart they would leave the planning and decision making up to the women in their lives. 

A recent report by Skyscanner says when it comes to planning a getaway, 75% of women are the ones doing all the planning and research. And apparently men are perfectly okay with this, with 95% of those polled, both men and women, say they are happy with the arrangement. Plus, a third of men admit women are better at booking vacations than they are. 

But that’s not all, previous research indicates that women are more likely than men to put in all the work when planning a trip. And while men can be more “decisive” when booking, they also act impulsively and don’t do nearly as much research before pulling the trigger.

“(Women will) read all the reviews, spend ages on each hotel website, read blogs to check if there’s anything else they should be considering,” a rep for travel company Stubborn Mule notes. "They ask a lot of questions, really drill down into the detail, and will check and re-check that they have everything exactly right." 

The Sun

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