People Share The Best Marriage Advice They've Received

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Marriage is hard! That’s probably why Redditor u/thecountnotthesaint took to the forum to ask the question, “What random marriage advice sounded absurd but was actually spot-on helpful?” Here are some of the best responses?

  • "Marry your best friend — the person you like to have random conversations with, who interests you, who makes you laugh a lot. Marry the one you can spend all your time with, the one who will support you in tough times and good times. That is 'the one'."
  • "When an argument is brewing, stop and eat something. You may just be hangry."
  • "My grandfather told me, 'Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.' What I learned is that he would always help my grandma (both with the dishes and other chores), and during these mundane tasks was when they did most of their talking."
  • "Don’t criticize one another's driving. It'll lead you down a dark path.”
  • "Have separate duvets or blankets on the same bed. I can wrap myself up nice and snug, and she can move around all night without bothering me."
  • "It is ok to go to bed angry. Everyone says not to go to bed angry, but sometimes, a night of sleep is exactly what you need. Sleeping on an argument can change your perspective and help with resolution."
  • "Remember: You don't just marry [them] marry [their] whole damn family."

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