About To Quit Your Job? You Should Delete This From Your Computer

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When it comes to getting a new job, you might not think too much about what you should and CAN delete from your work computer or work phone.

There are certain things, often found in the employee handbook that cannot be deleted from company computers/ phones

Joanna Grama, Associate VP of Vantage Technology Consulting Group told HuffPost:

“Employees need to be very wary not to accidentally or intentionally delete or copy any of an employer’s proprietary material, such as emails, contacts, files, documents, software, and the like. If I had worked on a big project that I was proud of, and wanted to use a deliverable from that project in my work portfolio, I would ask my employer for a copy for that purpose, and also ask them to provide written permission that I can use the copy for certain purposes.”

BUT there are some things you should make sure you delete, before you return your work computer/phone. These things include:

  • Personal File: things like photos and tax documents.
  • Your Browser History: Also any passwords your browser has saved.
  • Any Personal Apps, Software or Extensions you Downloaded: Delete Banking apps, social media, venmo, etc. anything you downloaded that's not company related that would have personal information. Figure out what your work email is attached to and change that too.
  • Personal messaging apps and cookies: your employer can potentially access your personal messages (Like iMessage, google hangout, etc.) if you leave them on your work computer.
  • Passwords: Log out of everything and make sure you delete and passwords that your browser has saved.

Be sure you clear your cookies from the browsers and empty your recycling in after you delete all this stuff too!

Source: HuffPost

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