Airbnb Wants To Give You $100,000 To Design A Unique Rental

Have you ever rented an Airbnb and thought, "This place is okay, but I totally could've designed a cooler place." Well, get out a pen and paper, because you're going to get that opportunity!

Airbnb has announced a contest where they're giving 100 people $100,000 EACH to come up with a design for a "creative, quirky, and jaw-droppingly off-beat" home for people to stay in.

Here's how it works: You have until July 22nd to submit YOUR idea for a unique home, and their judges will pick 100 winners. Each winner will get a $100,000 "grant" to carry out their plans of creating their unique space.

So yes, you have to already own the property . . . and you'll use the $100K to build or renovate the space. There's a lot of fine print too, like you'll be responsible for all the taxes on the grant, and covering the insurance for the property.

Then what's the REAL prize? You'll be the owner of a quirky property that you'll rent out to people on Airbnb. They'll probably hype your place . . . and you only have to promise to keep it available exclusively on Airbnb for ONE YEAR.

 (You can enter, here. And here's the full contest rules.)


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