How To Make Flying A Little Easier On Yourself

Traveling lately has been a bit of a nightmare. Experts have given some tips to make flying suck a little less.

  • Arrive at the airport extra early: Experts recommend that you show up 3 hours early for your flight.
  • Download the airline's app: You can keep track of your flight info and rebook your flight if it gets canceled.
  • Book a morning flight if you can: Experts say morning flights are best and less likely to be delayed or canceled.
  • Do nonstop flights when possible: It might be a little extra money up front, but you can actually save money in the long run.
  • Come to the airport prepared for a delay (just in case): make sure you have downloaded movies, books, shows, etc to keep you entertained while waiting for a delayed flight. Don't forget chargers too!
  • Pack your carry-on strategically: make sure you put your most important items in your carry-on just in case the airline loses your luggage. This includes: medications, toiletries, clean clothes, etc.
  • Prepare your checked bag for potential issues: Be sure to remove barcodes or tags from previous trips. Have your contact information on it your luggage and always check the printed ticket for you luggage to make sure it has the right airport code on it.
  • Choose your seat wisely: the window seat is best according to experts.
  • Take Advantage of credit card benefits: There's more protection with using a credit card to book vs using a debit card. Plus some credit cards have perks.
  • Test your negotiation skills: Read airline policies to know your rights if something comes up.
  • Asses travel insurance options: Travel insurance is a good thing to have these days to avoid stress and honestly just give you peace of mind.
  • Wait a bit to fly if you don't need to: If you can, wait until after peak summer travel passes.


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