The Brag Test Can Tell You A Lot About Your Relationship

When you're with your friends and you talk about your partner – do you complain about them … or do you brag about them? 

That’s the brag test, and according to experts, it’s a good way to measure the health of your relationship. Don't worry, most of us are somewhere in the middle. 24/7 gushing about your partner would be annoying. And a little complaining about your S.O. every once in a while is healthy – therapeutic, even. But if that’s all you do, that could spell trouble.

For example, let’s say you talk about your spouse to other people five times today. Are you mostly singing their praises or are you mostly complaining about them? If it’s the latter, then it could be a sign to examine your feelings about the relationship and talk about what’s bothering you with your partner and/or a licensed professional.


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