Seven Things Happy Couples Do Differently

Have you ever wondered if there are things happy couples do differently? The short answer is yes! Therapists are sharing seven things happy couples do differently with “Huffington Post” and here they are.

  1. They speak their minds. They’re secure enough in their relationship to express their feelings and don’t worry about things falling apart because of it.
  2. Their conversations go beyond surface level. They talk about their dreams, goals, ambitions and what makes them happy.
  3. They give each other the benefit of the doubt. They always assume positive intent. They don’t jump to conclusions.
  4. They pursue their own hobbies and interests. And they take an interest in the activities that their partner is engaging in.
  5. They’re gentle with each other. Like having affectionate nicknames for each other, showing little displays of affection, using a warm tone of voice, etc.
  6. They fight fairly. Fights happen in all relationships. But happy couples can hash them out without low blows, name-calling, or bringing up the past.
  7. They adopt a builder’s mindset. They have high expectations for the quality of their relationship and work towards it, individually and together, to reach the shared goal.

Huffington Post

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