Ten Deep Questions To Ask Your Friends

Have you ever asked your friend meaningful questions? It can take your relationship even further. It also can help bridge the gap caused by distance or by conflict.

Not sure what questions to ask?

Licensed mental health counselor Marc Campbell and marriage and family therapist Chelsea Davis shared some great examples of questions with “Bustle.”

  1. “What’s your favorite thing about our friendship?”
  2. “What’s your biggest fear?”
  3. “How’s your relationship with your family right now?”
  4. “How do you feel about the current state of the world?”
  5. “What’s your sweetest memory from childhood?”
  6. “How am I doing as your friend, and how can I be a better friend to you?”
  7. “Who was the most influential teacher in your life?”
  8. “If today was your last day on earth, who would you choose to spend it with?”
  9. “What’s something you’re sensitive about that you wish no one would joke about?”
  10. “When you spend time with me, do you ever feel pressured to spend more or less based on your financial situation?”

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