What Americans Are Liking About Their Jobs

Americans are happy in their jobs. That's a headline we don't hear often. Here's why...

While it may seem like many of us complain about our jobs, a new CareerBuilder survey finds that more than half of us are actually content in our current roles. 52% of Americans say they are not currently looking for a new job because they're happy where they are. And most say the thing that they are happiest with is their work schedule.

Also, 48% say the camaraderie with their colleagues is what keeps them at their job.

46% say it's fair pay

43% cite their work-life balance

34% like their health benefits.

But it doesn't mean there isn't more we would like from our jobs. For instance, 30% want a four-day workweek and 28% would like to have their birthday off. 


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