Why Fewer People Are Choosing To Get Married

You may have seen the news reports that fewer people want to get married than they used to. Of course, it’s a personal preference, but there are also sociological reasons that fewer people want to get married, and a lot of them first came out of a report from The Census Bureau in 2017, where it showed a record number of adults in the U.S. were single.

  1. Only half of the total population wants to get married. That’s right, just over 45% of Americans aged 18 and over said they do want to get married. Plus, living alone is becoming more and more popular.
  2. Getting married no longer means adulthood. In the old days, you weren’t mature until you got married. Nowadays, it’s no longer the only sign of adulthood. Formal education and a serious career are more important signs.
  3. Bachelors have more sex. Adults over the age of 18 now have nine-times more sex than the average person did back in the early ‘90s.
  4. Having a relationship doesn’t mean high self-esteem. Teenagers once thought they needed to be in a relationship, now it no longer concerns them. Adults are also postponing marriage.
  5. Marriage won’t include health. Yes, people used to think that being married made you healthier. Three studies from 2017 disprove this.

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