Luke Combs Chugs A Beer With Fans Before His 'College Game Day' Appearance

Are people showing too much love for Luke Combs these days? No. He is awesome. And I'm not even talking about fulfilling a dying man's wish, or refunding tickets because he was sick.

According to the Internet, he nailed his appearance on ESPN's "College Game Day". Comments included, "Tell me you don't love Luke Combs" . . . "Luke Combs showing celebs how to do it" . . . and "He's well-versed in his knowledge."

And like a real football fan, he did some pre-pregaming. Somebody handed him a can of beer as he was walking in the parking lot and he chugged it in about eight seconds flat. 

About ten minutes earlier he did a selfie video while holding a travel mug and saying, "Alright Game Day, Luke Combs here. I got a whiskey drink, a windowful of Mountaineers, and I'm about to go make my picks. Couldn't be more excited."

 Getty Images

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