Make Your Candles Last Longer With These Tips

Love the warm glow and fragrance of candles, but hate when they burn out too fast? Fortunately, candlemakers say it’s absolutely possible to extend their burn time, if you care for and choose your candles correctly. Here’s how to do that...

  • Pick the right-sized candle for the room - When we see a candle we like, we tend to pick it up and smell it, not consider how its size will work in a specific space. But it’s important to choose one that’s neither too big or too small for the room. Megan Piorek, owner and candlemaker at Candle Threads explains, ‘If you have cathedral ceilings, a four-ounce candle will not throw the scent.”
  • Limit burn time - This is a mistake many of us have made, but you don’t want to burn your candle for longer than a few hours at a time. Betsy Bullock, head of product development at Aromatique, recommends burning it for at least four hours the first time around so the top layer of wax fully melts and you get an even burn next time. After that, experts say you should only burn them for three to four hours at a time.
  • Care for the wick - Trimming the wick to about a quarter to an eighth of an inch will give you an ideal burn, so snip that wick before you light it each time. You can trim it after you burn a candle, but you’ll have better results when the wax pool has had time to harden first. Repositioning the wick to the center of the wax can also help prevent soot stains from forming on the glass.
  • Clean after each use - Once the candle has cooled, wipe the wick and candle with a wet cotton pad soaked with warm soapy water to make sure there’s no debris in it.
  • Store candles appropriately - The best place to store them is inside and away from direct sunlight, drafty areas and heat sources.
  • And don’t leave a candle unattended - Aside from the risk of fire, you also risk burning the candle for too long, which doesn’t help make it last at all.

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