Five Things to Do to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Couples therapist Sinead Smyth shared the 5 things she and her husband do to maintain their marriage:

  1. "Turning Toward"
  2. Small acts of Kindness
  3. Noticing and Voicing Thanks
  4. Weekly Dates
  5. Pausing during Conflict

By "Turning Toward" Sinead explains that it's about engaging in conversation with your person. So, if one person engages in conversation, like asking how their partners day was, the other will "turn toward" and reply rather than shutting the conversation down.

For "Pausing during Conflict," Sinead says that if she has the urge to say something, she never says it immediately. She says, quote, " "In the heat of an argument, it's not going to come out well. So I usually check myself, give myself three seconds."

Sinead says these 5 things has helped her maintain a healthy relationship for 22 YEARS.

Source: Today

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