The Best Time to Book Your Holiday Flights Is This Week

The lead economist at a travel app called Hopper says the best time to buy plane tickets for the holidays is THIS WEEK. Prices tend to spike in summer when the first wave of people plan their trips home. And they usually bottom out in mid-October when there's a lull in bookings.

Over the next few weeks, expect ticket prices to start increasing $10 to $15 per week. 

And as the holidays get closer, $10 to $15 a day.

She says don't expect to get a deal by booking last-minute this year. Last-second tickets for Thanksgiving could cost $400 more than they do now, and $500 more for last-minute Christmas flights. So don't wait too long.

Now here's some bonus advice that's way out of left field: Once you're on that flight, make sure you don't get SUNBURNED.  (???)

Someone talked to a dermatologist who says we should all be wearing sunblock on planes. Especially on long flights, and especially if you have a window seat.

You're exposed to more U.V. rays at 30,000 feet. 

A 2019 study even found pilots and flight attendants are twice as likely to get melanoma. 

(NY Post / MYSA)

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