The Age We Start To Notice We Are...Aging

There comes a point when all of us start to realize we are getting older, and a new survey is pinpointing when that is for most people. 

A new poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of an evidence-based weight care program, Found, finds:

  • 42 is the age the average American begins to notice signs of aging.
  • But 15% actually start to notice by the time they turn 35.
  • But some don’t want to admit it, with 21% of people saying they are in denial about their body aging.
  • 30% used to be in denial, but have grown to accept it.
  • Most people say they start noticing they must make changes to their health and wellness routines by 39.
  • But 61% say they procrastinate doing so, putting off those changes for three to six years, with 29% putting them off for about two years. 
    • So, how do people finally notice they are aging? Well, the most common signs include:
    • Joint pain (39%)
    • Chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes (37%)
    • Slower metabolism (35%)
    • Where they carry their weight (30%)

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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