The Best Ugly Sweaters That Will Help You Win The "Ugly Sweater Contest"

Remember when ugly holiday sweaters were actually...ugly? The joke has been around so long now that many "ugly sweaters" are more trendy and fashionable than anything from the back of grandma's closet.

If you're in the market to buy a NEW ugly sweater, a website dug through the internet and found five good ones...with over-the-top levels of silly. They are:


1. The 3D Dog Ugly Christmas Sweater, with a dog face popping out the front.

2. The 3D Reindeer, with a reindeer body sticking out the front AND the back.

3.  The Mirror, which makes anyone you're talking to the "ugliest."

4. The Light-Up Reindeer, with lights and a 3D scarf.

5. The Tinsel and Ornament, which makes you look like a 3D decorated tree.


(Study Finds)

 Getty Images

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