How an Orthodontist Appointment Kickstarted Bailey Zimmerman's Career

It's not often that DENTAL WORK kicks off a singing career, but that's Bailey Zimmerman's story. It was just a few years that he was just some guy in Flora, Illinois singing to a handful of people.

A local musician recognized his talent and told him he had a good voice, but there was one thing holding him back. 

Quote, "He was, like, 'Dude, have you ever tried to actually sing?' And I was like, 'No'. He was, 'Well, you need to take your braces off because it's giving you a lisp when you sing, but if you do that I think you can be an artist.'"

The timing was perfect because Bailey had an orthodontist appointment the next day to get the braces tightened. He told them to yank 'em out, which they fought because his teeth weren't perfect, and his mom would be out $7,000. 

His answer? Quote, "I was like, 'Don't care, take them off. I'm done.' A week later I wrote my first song, posted it on TikTok, and quit my job." 

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