Pics And Clips: What Country Stars Did This Weekend

Miranda Lambert revealed where she got a bit of her flair for fashion when she shared a photo of a much younger Ran with her mother's mother, Nonny.

If there's any question about how Kane Brown feels being the only man in his house, his wife, Katelynshared a photo that confirms he's pretty OK with it.

The California country crew -- Jon PardiNate Smith and Tyler Rich -- got together for 49ers football and got to see their team beat the Seahawks 41 to 23.

We aren't sure how a cowboy from Texas developed Parker McCollum's knack for the slopes, but he had them on full display during a trip to Switzerland.

There's a new dance to learn, thanks to Walker Hayes and his oldest daughter, Lela. The pair have choreographed a few steps to his song, "Deer Lord."

There was an aggressive case of sweet potato or yam with Tyler Hubbard's family as his two boys, Luca and Atlasverbally duke it out over whether the skiers ride is called a gondola or a ski lift. 

Corey Kent said it in the caption of his Instagram scrapbook. He killed two birds with one stone, making his Opry and his Ryman debut on the same night.

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