What Happened At Weddings Where People Actually Objected

We’ve all seen movies and shows where the wedding officiant asks if anyone objects to the union and someone actually does, but have you ever witnessed it in real life? It may seem like that only happens on-screen, but people who have watched it unfold in person are sharing what went down when someone objected to a wedding.

  • “At my parents’ wedding … Mom’s ex bestie shows up during the wedding with packed bags for the two of them and is like let’s go. Her friend was in love with her. She didn’t go.”
  • “I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and the best man objected because he and the groom were having an affair. Bride was shocked but we all attended the reception (minus the groom and best man) and had one big *ss party!!”
  • “The bride was about two hours late. One of the groom’s brothers was officiating. The other brother objected and the groom punched him.”
  • “At a wedding about 20 years ago. The bride’s boss stood up and objected because he said he was in love with her. All hell broke loose and they stopped the ceremony. A week later the bride and groom broke up and they returned their wedding gifts.”
  • “The bride’s sister objected by saying she was pregnant.... by the groom. A year later the groom married said sister.”
  • “Yes, it's a long story but when the priest got to that part at my uncle's wedding all 200 guests coughed (you know the cough I'm talking about) at the same time. Unplanned and unironically!”
  • “I was five, and at the time, I thought it was the flower girl getting married (she was five, too). So I ran down the aisle saying ‘don't get married I love you’ (just like I'd seen in the movies). Everyone was dying laughing. What I didn't know at the time was that SHE WAS MY COUSIN.”
  • “It was awkward af. The objector was an aunt of the bride, and they ushered her out real quick. Continued with the ceremony and reception. She was not welcome at the reception. Most people in the family stopped talking to her for a few years even though they all agreed with her. Pretty sad.”


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