Uber Has A New Feature That Helps You Get Into The Right Car At Night

Trying to find your Uber after a night out can be chaotic. Everyone else also looking for their ride home, but the rideshare service made it even easier and safer to get in your ride home!

Uber has recently revealed a new in-app setting called "Verify Your Ride" that asks you and your drive to both type in matching pin codes to make sure you are in the right car and going to the right destination.

Users can choose to always have the feature on or just at night and the only thing you need to do to enable it is to click on “Account” then “Settings” and toggle “Verify ride with PIN.”

Users then need to tap “Use PIN to Verify Trips” and can toggle “Night-time Only” if that’s what's prefer. Then, just don’t forget to click “Confirm” and “Save.”

Just remember that your drunk self might have to type a pin code in before they can go home so plan accordingly!

(Travel + Leisure)

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