Hack For Getting Rid Of Garlic Breath

Garlic can elevate your cooking and upgrade dishes with its delicious flavor. But beyond being tasty, it also offers health benefits, as research shows its main ingredient, allicin, can boost the immune system and help fight viruses. Unfortunately, as tasty as garlic is, it does have one huge downside - the lingering bad breath it leaves behind.

We try popping mints or chewing gum to get rid of the stink, but a gut health doctor is sharing a surprisingly simple way to get rid of it. Dr. Megan Rossi says garlic breath can stick around for up to a day because as it moves through digestion, the “by-products of garlic are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the lungs.” She explains that “this gives you a ‘repeat performance’ that chewing gum can’t quite get rid of,” but eating apples can.

According to the expert, the plant chemicals in apples “interact with the sulfur compounds in garlic,” and deodorize that smell. Rossi also shares four other plants that can help eliminate garlic breath: mint, parsley, spinach and lettuce, which she says are all more effective than mints or gum.

NY Post

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