Survey Says: How Mom Wants To Spend Mother's Day

As much as moms love getting handmade cards and macaroni necklaces from their kiddos, what they really want for Mother’s Day is a break. Those sweet gifts are treasured, but even more valuable? Having time to themselves.

“Parents” magazine polled real moms about their Mother’s Day wishes and found most moms want some downtime more than anything else. They want a break from their responsibilities, their mental load and the 24/7 momming they do. Basically, they want someone else to step up and take over for a day so they can rest, recharge and reconnect to the intelligent, passionate people they were before having kids.

The survey finds these are moms’ top Mother’s Day wishes:

  • Sleep - 30%
  • A day off or alone time - 30%
  • A spa day or massage - 11%
  • A vacation - 7%
  • A night or weekend alone in a hotel - 5%
  • A clean home - 2%
  • Recognition and appreciation - 2%
  • Someone else making breakfast/breakfast in bed - 2%
  • Jewelry - 2%
  • A haircut - 2%

Beyond these wishes, moms also reported that they love flowers and kisses, not adulting for the day, a date with their partner, a healthy family and time without the kids whining. It might be a lot to ask, but moms are totally worth it!


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