5 Things Experts Say You Should Not Have In Your Bedroom

Everybody has at least one tiny pile in their bedroom that they'll get rid of one day, but if you're hoping to spark romance between you and your partner then you might also want to get rid of some of these everyday items too!

Thanks to a group of relationship experts, these are the items that you definitely have in your bedroom that need to make their way elsewhere in your home, if possible, if you want to be in the right headspace or have enough physical space in the bedroom for "activities:"

  1. Work-related items - Anything that creates an internal, mental space of 'be productive,' 'pay attention,' 'get to work,' or otherwise distracts you from your partner or sleep should be stored elsewhere.
  2. Exercise equipment - Exercising can help you relax and put you into a good mindset, but it can create an annoying environment for your partner if it's taking up your sleep space.
  3. Electronics - All electronic devices such as personal computers, televisions, and phones can act as major distractions in the bedroom and create a sense of distance between partners.
  4. Family photos - You should only keep photos of yourself and your partner in this space to help "enhance the intimacy" of your relationship not of your parents and grandparents to ruin the mood.
  5. Keepsakes from an ex - Your new flame likely doesn't want to be reminded of your past relationships.

You can read more about each type of household item HERE, but definitely get rid of ANYTHING from your ex!

(Best Life Online)

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