Jelly Roll Lost Out on His Dream House Because He's a Convicted Felon

Money can't buy everything, especially if you're a convicted felon. Just ask Jelly Roll. A clip from his recent interview with Joe Rogan is going viral, where he says his record recently cost him his DREAM HOME.

He talked about how he spent most of his time from 14 to 25 in jail, and opened up about an armed robbery when he was 15 that he still regrets every day.

He brought it up to talk about how being a convicted felon closes a lot of doors, especially in Tennessee where violent crimes can't be expunged. For example, he can't get decent life insurance, and can't volunteer at his local YMCA.

He said it recently came up again when he and his wife thought they'd landed their dream home in a nice, gated community next to a golf course.

He said they accepted his offer at first. But then, quote, "They turn around and say, 'No, the golf course won't let a felon be a part of the community.'"

He said he spent every birthday from 15 to 20 in jail, and it totally changed him. So that's why he focuses most of his charity work on keeping kids OUT of jail. 

(The Boot)

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