Adorably Tiny Single-Serving Pineapples Are Now a Thing

Would cute fruit be more enticing? If so, new adorably tiny, single-serving pineapples just made their debut. 

The company Del Monte is behind them. They announced the new pipsqueak fruit earlier this month, but they flew under most people's radar until now.

They're called "Precious Honeyglow" and only weigh a pound or two. They say that's around half the size of a normal one. So they're small enough for a couple people to eat in one sitting. Or if you're a fan, you could polish one off yourself.

They're supposed to be a little sweeter. So if your issue is pineapples aren't sweet enough, problem solved. 

They say they came up with them to reduce food waste, and because more of us live alone now. 28% of American households are occupied by a single person.

For now at least, you probably won't see them in your local grocery store. They're only available online through a company called Melissa's Produce. 

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