Falcons Fan Buries Jersey with Hysterical Note to Anyone Who Finds It.

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Several days after the Super Bowl, people are still wondering about Tom Brady’s missing game jersey.

Well, another jersey is also in the news. A crushed Falcons fan buried his jersey – and wrote a serious warning to anybody who finds it.

After the Falcons choked away a 25-point lead and handed the New Patriots their 5th Lombardi Trophy, the fan buried the jersey he wore during the game and attached a note that read:

"If you have un-earthed this, you have not found anything vintage or cool. This shirt is bad luck … Seriously re-bury it immediately. If you are still curious and don’t believe me, Google Super Bowl 51. This shirt blew a 25-point lead. Put it back! Trust me!"

 (For The Win)

Amy James

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