Falcons Fan Buries Jersey with Hysterical Note to Anyone Who Finds It.


Several days after the Super Bowl, people are still wondering about Tom Brady’s missing game jersey.

Well, another jersey is also in the news. A crushed Falcons fan buried his jersey – and wrote a serious warning to anybody who finds it.

After the Falcons choked away a 25-point lead and handed the New Patriots their 5th Lombardi Trophy, the fan buried the jersey he wore during the game and attached a note that read:

"If you have un-earthed this, you have not found anything vintage or cool. This shirt is bad luck … Seriously re-bury it immediately. If you are still curious and don’t believe me, Google Super Bowl 51. This shirt blew a 25-point lead. Put it back! Trust me!"

 (For The Win)

Amy James


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