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PHOTOS: McKaila's Trip To Mexico

I'm back from Mexico! And while it was mostly relaxing, the trip did end with food poisoning, so there's that.. BUT, that wasn't until the last day. So check out some of my pics below!

The trip started with Matt wearing this ensemble to the airport calling it, "His vacation outfit."

I thoroughly enjoyed the start of vacation. All-inclusive so I could have cocktails and ice cream whenever I wanted. And a huge thanks to my friend Tiff for my adorable hat!

We got to swim with dolphins one day, but we were far too cheap to by any of the pictures, so here's the only one we got.

Then Matt decided he'd be funny and take this picture of me with 2 Coronas while waiting for the bus. I was on vacation, sue me!

That night, we did a sunset sail, which I quickly realized was a terrible idea. The waves were insane and basically immediately, I felt sea sick. I survived the boat ride though without getting sick and we got these neat pictures, so I chalk it up as a win.

There was also a lot of unique looking wild animals there. I have no idea what this thing is, but we saw a ton of these on the golf course and this particular was following me in the golf cart. I'm pretty sure it's harmless, but it still terrified me!

The week ended with a romantic dinner on the beach, which ironically is what I'm pretty sure gave us food poisoning. Either way, before it happened we got these pictures.

Overall, it was a pretty solid trip and it was nice to get away, but we're very happy to be back on U.S. soil and going back to normalcy!

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