Kid Tries Selling Ice Cold (Root) Beer

An 11-year-old in Utah got in trouble this week for trying to sell ice cold beer, except, it's not what he meant. Cops were called on Seth after he was seen on the road with a sign that said, "Ice Cold Beer." Turns out, it was root beer.

According to Yahoo News:

On July 15, Seth set up shop at the side of a road in Brigham City, Utah. His seemingly audacious sign first caught the attention and concern of local residents, who believed the minor was illegally selling alcohol — in front of a church, no less.
Seth says people passing by either responded by “laughing” or “calling the cops.”
“Some people think it’s actual liquor,” the 11-year-old explained.
After receiving several reports about the boy’s stand, the local Brigham City Police Department dispatched an officer to investigate the matter. However, all authorities found upon arrival was a marketing “genius.”

Check out some of the pictures from the police department below!

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