This Trick Is Supposed To Cut Marriage Fights In Half

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Let's be honest, life gets busy! When you're a parent and have a full-time job, sometimes your relationship with your significant other takes a back seat dealing with the everyday chaos of life. That's why I found this idea of the "half glass of wine" trick so interesting!

A writer for PureWow shared a conversation she had with her therapist about how to make more time for her relationship with her husband, and the therapist suggested scheduling a few nights a week, after kids go to bed, to enjoy a half glass of wine together and catch up on your day and life.

According to the article:

But scheduling a half glass of wine was my therapist’s compromise—a way to prioritize time together a few nights a week without losing sight of the to-do’s that lie ahead. The half-glass is also what’s most important—it’s the idea that you’ll spend the length of time it takes to finish a half glass of wine (10 to 15 minutes if you savor it) focusing on each other, no logistical chatter allowed. It’s short and sweet, but still has the connotation of relaxing together, perfect for nights when you can’t give anything more.
Of course, the weekends allow for more time to hang out and connect, but all in all, this solution has provided a fun and quick way to focus on our relationship on otherwise harried weeks. Plus, it’s way more romantic than setting a timer.