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Bears Spotted in Maple Grove, Minnesota

Black bear, Waterton Lakes National Park

Photo: Moment RF

Three bear cubs and a mama bear have been spotted in Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Officials are recommending that people be bear aware. This includes avoiding confrontations with bears, properly storing food and garbage, and making noise while hiking to alert bears of your presence.

If you do happen to encounter a bear, it is important to remain calm and avoid direct eye contact. Slowly back away and give the bear plenty of space to avoid provoking it. In the rare event that a bear charges at you, stand your ground and use bear spray if you have it.

It is also important to note that feeding bears is illegal and dangerous for both humans and bears. Feeding bears can habituate them to human food, causing them to lose their natural fear of humans and become more likely to seek out food in populated areas, which can lead to dangerous encounters.

If you see a bear in a Three Rivers park, please report the sighting to their wildlife department by calling 763-694-7840 or emailing

The Minnesota DNR also tracks bear sightings on their website.

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