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Taylor's Town: Monday Recap

✨ Taylor's Town: Monday Recap ✨

Yesterday was Day 1 of Taylor's Town, and we have been having a blast seeing so many people participate in this contest!

For anyone not familiar with it, on K102 this week we are giving clues to a secret location in the Twin Cities metro area. Clues are given every hour on the :13s, starting at 6:13am and going until 5:13pm. Whoever is able to guess the location that the clues are leading you to first, wins a pair of tickets to see Taylor Swift at US Bank Stadium this weekend! We are doing this daily until her concert on Friday night.

It is a very unique and interactive contest, and we thought anyone who played along yesterday might enjoy seeing all the clues laid out in front of them along with the explanation for the clues, too! A lot of thought goes into these clues, and a lot of people spent a good chunk of their day trying to figure out the answer. So, we figured we might as well share them now that Monday's contest is done and the location was found!

Here are MONDAY's clues:

6:13 - Taylor is EAST of the river

7:13 - Taylor is South of 694

8:13 - Taylor is inside a building

9:13 - Taylor is inside city limits

10:13 - Taylor is 6 miles away from USBank Stadium

11:13 - 13 is Taylor's favorite number, but she's much closer to 5

12:13 - Taylor is also WEST of the river

1:13 - There are two new ones and one old one here

2:13 - And Taylor is also NORTH of the river

3:13 - There are TWO parkways running nearby

4:13 - You enter near the end of a cul de sac

5:13 - Snoopy and Charlie Brown are not here, but Taylor is

ANSWER: Charles M Schulz Highland Arena

Here are more in-depth explanations:

⭐️ If you put a compass on US Bank stadium and drew a circle

6 miles away, you'd draw right through Highland Arena.

⭐️ There are TWO new water towers nearby along with the

historic old water tower.

⭐️ There aren't many places East, West and North of the

Mississippi, but the Highland Park neighborhood is one

of them.

⭐️ Both Ford Parkway and Highland Parkway run nearby.

⭐️ When we said Taylor's closer to 5, it's because Hole #5 of

Highland Golf Course runs right behind the arena.

⭐️ Obviously Charlie Brown and Snoopy were created by St.

Paul native Charles M. Schultz, who the arena is named



Are you having fun playing along? We will be doing it all over again with a fresh new location tomorrow morning! Don't miss out. Keep it on K102 for your chance to win! A new contest page where you can submit tomorrow's answers will pop up on the website at 6:13am, after we've given the first clue of the day.

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