Dan + Shay Share Secrets From The Bus With Cody Alan

“All To Myself,” the newest single from Dan + Shay, is steadily climbing its way up the country radio charts.

In the spirit of “Tequila,” the Grammy award-winning duo invited Cody Alan to join them on the bus in St. Augustine, Florida to revel in the summer weather, share some drinks, and reveal a few bus secrets that they have been keeping to themselves.

“I wanna know about something that you’ve kept all to yourself, like here on the bus, perhaps? I feel like when you order food, and you’re in a band, and you got all these hungry guys after a show. Is it hard to keep food to yourself?”

“The GOOD stuff,” smirks Dan Smyers. “Yeah, Yeah Yeah. The nice tequila. Sorry for pouring you guys the low-grade stuff. We drink the low-grade stuff. Do you know what I mean? Its quantity over quality.”

“Does anything ever get labeled in the fridge?” Cody questions.

“You don’t have too.” Interjects Shay Mooney. “It’s pretty obvious what’s Dan’s and what’s mine. He’s into the juices and everything. Mine is like Red Bull, and, like all the trash.”

According to Dan + Shay's description, if anyone is looking for a high-class drinking buddy, the man for the job is undoubtedly fun-loving John Esposito, Chairman & CEO of Warner Music Nashville.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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