Residents Banned From Walking Dogs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The citizens of Serbia are not happy after authorities banned them from walking their dogs. Officials in the landlocked country are doing everything they can to slow the spread of COVID-19. Since the global coronavirus pandemic began, the government has enacted some of the harshest restrictions on its citizens. They ordered everybody over the age of 65 to remain at home and issued a curfew between the hours of 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. along with other measures to encourage social distancing.

Despite their efforts, the tiny country of seven million people has seen more than 650 cases of COVID-19, ten of which were fatal.

As the virus continues to spread, officials are enacting new measures to keep people indoors. The government eliminated an exception to the stay at home order, which allowed pet owners to go outside for 20 minutes a day to walk their dogs.

The decision was met with anger by locals, who blasted officials on social media. People were concerned about the impact the order will have on the health of their beloved pets. One person said that when she doesn't take her dog for a walk, he gets depressed and stops eating.

Another dog owner told a local news outlet that she created a makeshift toilet for her older dog to use.

Residents also created a petition, urging officials to reconsider the ban. As of Sunday (March 29) morning, the petition is just a few hundred signatures short of its goal of 30,000. It is unknown if the government is going to lift the ban on walking pets.

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Photo: Getty Images