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Woah! Have You Seen Mt. Lexington In St. Paul?

Surprise, Surprise - I'm sick of the snow! Like many of you, I've been sick of snow for a good month now. Sure, Minnesotans get excited when it snows in November or December, and having a White Christmas is always great...but who wants a White Memorial Day too??

According to a photo from Meteorologist Cody Matz on Fox 9, this is the 6th snowiest winter in MSP history with 67.1" thru March 10. With our record snowfall lately, where do we even put it all?

When driving, it's near impossible to safely turn anywhere when you can't see cars coming your way because the snow is piled so high at every corner. Try being able to see what's around the corner on Lexington in St. Paul!

Maureen Walsh from St. Paul took this photo and posted it to Reddit on her way home from work.

Mount Lexington

Brian Reda from St. Paul also posted this photo to Reddit!

Mt. Lexington

According to a few Reddit users this snow pile won't melt until June! If you ever wanted to know what it's like to climb Mt. Everest you won't have to go far, you'll be able to climb Mt. Lexington in St. Paul. Who's going to be the first one to plant their flag at the top of Mt. Lexington?!

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