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The Award For Minnesota's Worst Driving City Goes To...

Zipper merging, using blinkers, looking over your shoulder… all are habits of good drivers. And all are habits that I think some people of MN need to practice… especially in St. Cloud according to 24wallst.com.

They composed an index of the worst drivers in each state based on the average commute time, gas prices, accident rates, an area’s safety, convenience, and cost of driving.

Some stats that 24wallst.com found about the drivers in St. Cloud that prove this worst-driver title is well-deserved:

> Traffic fatalities per 100,000 people: 11.1 (MN avg.: 6.4)

> Avg. commute time: 20.9 min. (MN avg.: 23.8 min.)

> Commuters driving to work: 89.6% (MN avg.: 86.2%)

> 2017 car thefts per 100,000 people: 151.2

Although 24wallst.com doesn’t compare St. Cloud to any other MN cities in their article, we all know bad drivers are out there everywhere! What city would you nominate for the Worst Drivers Award?

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