I Am Never Touching The Touchscreen On An Airplane Ever Again

I know, I know. Before you say anything, I know there are germs all over an airplane. I get it, if it's a long flight you might want to take your shoes off and relax. I've done it plenty of times, but I wouldn't go as far to do this! The video is on a Delta flight. I love movies on flights, it makes the flight go by way faster and you don't have to talk to the person next to you. Just pop in your headphones and watch the movie with your snack and drink. That might be all over for me after watching this nasty act! This person has the audacity to scroll through the movies on their flight with their feet.. their nasty, smelly feet! I need answers, and I need them now! Did this person showering before getting on the flight, was it an afternoon flight and they were walking all day so their feet smell, are they paralyzed from the waist up? This is absolutely disgusting! BARF! I need hand sanitizer just watching this video! Check it out below!

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