Wait A Minute! Is This How They Really Make Cinnamon Twists At Taco Bell?

While watching Bachelor In Paradise last night (don't judge me), I was scrolling through twitter to see what is being tweeted about the show. I came across a video that made me rewatch it at least 3 times. It was a behind-the-scenes video of how Taco Bell makes their Cinnamon Twists. I am mind blown right! We've been eating rotini noodles all this time? This can't be true can it? Watch the video below.


I retweeted the video and my main question was, 'is this how they really make Cinnamon Twists?' Thanks to the power of Twitter some people confirmed that is how they are made! LIKE WHAT.. still mind blown.


I have always been told you never want to meet your idol, and think that is also true for food. You never want to see how your favorite food is made. In that case I'm going to Taco Bell today and saying, "yes can I have an order of your rotini noodles that you put in the fryer?!"



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