Sam Adams Is Selling An Expensive Beer That Is 28% ABV

Okay, I get why beer prices are a bit expensive at sporting events or concerts. But would you be willing to pay well over stadium beer prices? What about trading your first born, a kidney, and pinky finger for a beer that is 28% alcohol? Samuel Adams announced they are going to be selling their highly exclusive Utopias beer. This collection is so exclusive that there were less than 100 casks made of the beer.

Actually, according to Delish, if you know someone that lives in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, or West Virginia, it's illegal there and they can't get it! Thankfully, we can get our hands on it here in Minnesota!

On their website, Sam Adams is calling the Utopias beer their most-extreme beer yet! It has 28% ABV and if you compare it to one of their regular beers which is 5% ABV, and most vodkas around the 40% ABV range! So, you'll get a nice $210 buzz from the Utopias beer. Oh yeah, you read that correctly! A bottle of this beer cost $210! That seems pretty crazy for one bottle of beer right?!

The Utopias beer will go on sale in select locations starting October 15. I really hope that Minneapolis is one of them so I can spend a paycheck on it!



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