Brother And Sister Are Arrested After An Argument About Riding Shotgun

How many times have you yelled, “SHOTGUN,” when wanting to claim the front seat? It’s a game that we all play and while some may change the rules you’re suppose to be able to see the car in order to call shotgun.

According to a ABC 16 in Scranton, PA, a 27-year-old guy named Bret Brezenski and his girlfriend were picking up his 20-year-old sister Brianna Brezenski from work.

Well, Brianna got into an argument with her brother about who was going to get to sit in the front seat, her or his girlfriend. Usually the common courtesy is whoever is sitting in said front seat gets to stay there, not someone you’re just picking up!

The argument went on and it got serious at one point to where they started physically fighting. The cops did eventually show up, Bret took off and got into a high-speed chase with his sister in the car, and his girlfriend hanging out of the window of the car. Oh this story doesn’t stop there!

When Bret finally did stop because of a traffic jam, he and his sister both got out and attacked the cops.

Both Bret and Brianna were arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest. Bret's girlfriend however, wasn't charged. The cops say she was a victim and she's filed a restraining order against the whole Brezenski family. Run girl, run as fast as you can from that family!

I guess those two siblings won’t be riding shotgun on the way to jail.

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