Papa John's Is Selling A Gross "American Hot Dog Pizza"

As you know I am all for putting toppings on pizza, there's just one that I can't allow and that's pineapple on pizza! Many pizza companies are trying different things with their 'za as we call it in the pizza industry. This new "topping' is exactly what I would expect from Papa John's!

In South Korea Papa John's just introduced a new product called the "American Hot Dog Pizza," according to Chewboom. The pizza has whole hot dogs, chili salsa sauce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese sauce, Dijon mustard sauce, and pickle relish on it. If you puked in your mouth a little that is to be expected... even the name of it sounds gross!

As far as I know, Papa John's isn't going to introduce it over here in the States. If they did you can bet that no one would buy that nasty pizza!