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The Big Game Food Deals Your Favorite Restaurants Are Offering This Sunday

Food, food, and more food! That's what big game parties are all about! This Sunday make sure you have everything you need and food from your favorite restaurant there as well! Delish, has made a list of restaurants that have amazing deals for this Sunday!

Auntie Anne's - They selling two buckets of pretzels of any variety and 10 assorted dips. Oh, and this part is awesome! They're going to give you a FREE snack stadium to display your pretzels!

Applebee's - I blogged about this last week! They are giving away FREE wings if you order $40 worth of food from Applebee's Delivery!

Panda Express - They're offering a Family Feast which includes three large entrees and two large sides of your choice. You'll get $10 off your total purchase when you order online and use promo code "SCOREBIG."

Buffalo Wild Wings - They are offering free snack-sized wings IF the Big Game goes into overtime! You won't be able to reap the benefits until February 17, from 4p.m. to 7p.m.

Hooters - They are also offering free wings if the game goes into overtime, but there's a catch. You have to be at Hooters when it goes into overtime, if it does you'll get six free wings.

Pizza Hut - Since they are the official sponsor of the Super Bowl, they are giving you 30% off a meat lover's pizza deal.

DoorDash - On Sunday, make sure you share your Personal Food Fumble on Twitter, make sure you tag @DoorDash, use a photo or description of the biggest mistake you've made in the kitchen. DoorDash will then give $50 to the first 200 people with free delivery.

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