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It's Official! Handshakes Are Done, What Other Greeting Should We Use?

The Coronavirus has officially killed the handshake, it's over! I mean a lot of people have stopped shaking hands, and have gone to a fist bump.

Now that handshakes are done and most people are going with a fist bump, what other greetings should replace the handshake? I read somewhere that handshakes transfer 10x more germs than a fist bump. According to YouGov, they surveyed 10592 U.S. adults and asked the question, Which, if any, of the following handshake alternatives would you be willing to use in order to greet someone? The answers were wave, nod, bow, bump elbows, Tap feet, or None of these. Here are the results

1. A wave, 62%.

2. A nod, 55%.

3. Bumping elbows, 25%.

4. Bowing, 13%.

5. Tapping feet, 7%. 

I'm still not sure why they left fist bump off the list but for some reason they did. I'm all for a head nod. You know the one where you pass by someone in the hall and make that awkward smile and nod your head. If you need a visual, I'm talking about the smile below.

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