I Think Michael Ray Just Asked Me To Go On Tour With Him

Just so you know, Michael Ray is my guy. I think it's our love for the Cubs that really brings together our friendship! With self-quarantining self-distancing there's probably going to be a time when you don't know what day or time it is, for me that already happened! This past Tuesday, Michael Ray tweeted out that not knowing what day or time it is and finding time to occupy your time so you don't start drinking at Noon is just like being on tour!

After reading the tweet I have to admit I was like well what day is it really and the time well it seems like time just flies by nowadays. So I decided to retweet it saying that tour life is the best life and that's when it happened!

Michael Ray responded to my tweet saying that I should come out and try it sometime! You don't have to twist my arm, you tell me when and where, and I'll be there when things go back to normal! So I guess... look for me out on the road with Michael Ray this fall. I mean I can't sing, my dance moves range from a Dad at a BBQ to Stripper. So if you need a hype man, I GOT YOU! But my answer is yes!

Oh and one more thing, check out Carly and Michael's flip the switch video!