Drinking Games You Can Play Virtually With Your Friends During Stay At Home

The one thing we all want to do is hang out with friends on the weekend and drink! Sure we all want to play beer pong, flippy cup, or any other drinking games you can think of. But since the Stay At Home order is in effect, we have to find ways to do that virtually and here's a list of how you can do just that!

VIRTUAL BEER PONG: Set up your table like you would for beer pong and place your computer or phone at the other end behind the cups. You play just like you would with people there. Check out the video for reference below.

VIRTUAL FLIPPY CUP: This will work best if you have a big group, everyone gets on Zoom to play, and have everyone do grid mode or whatever it's called. You split up in to teams like Red and Blue. Play just like you would with real Flippy Cup! Check out the video below!

FLIPPY CUP TIC-TAC-TOE: You'll need masking tape, 5 cups for each person. This game is for people who are quarantined together. You put masking tape down on the table like a tic-tac-toe board, put masking tape X's on 5 of the cups and leave the bottom's of the other cups blank. Someone is the X's and someone's the O's. You play like you would flippy cup, the first person to flip the cup gets to put their cup down on the board. Check out the video below!

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