Ben & Jerry's Is Making An Ice Cream For Dogs

I know I'm not the only one that gets their dog a pup cup when they go for ice cream! Let's face it our pets are like family and we include them in everything! Now you're dog can enjoy dessert after dinner as well!

It's called "Doggie Desserts." Ben & Jerry's is coming out with a dog ice cream, according to CNBC. Instead of using dairy, uses sunflower-butter as the base, so it's easier on dogs' stomachs. There's a peanut-butter-and-pretzel flavor called "Pontch's Mix" and a cookie-and-pumpkin combo called "Rosie's Batch." 

These dog ice creams wild hit stores nationwide this month. Each four-ounce cup costs $3. Or $5 for a four-pack. If you do get this ice cream you may want to watch what you grab from the freezer when it comes to dessert!