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People Reveal What They Learned About Their S.O. After Moving In With Them

When you date someone for a long time you usually learn a lot about them, but you don't really know someone until you live with them!

Well, BuzzFeed rounded up some confessions of people sharing the things they didn’t learn about their S.O. until they moved in with them and some of the revelations are downright shocking.

Some of the things the significant others found were:

"I learned that she had a severe clown fetish, and she secretly enrolled in clown college to have affairs with clowns-in-training!"

“My best friend learned that his ex-wife was terrified of pooping in toilets. He didn't find out until one day when he was cleaning the yard and found her hidden pile of 'brown gold' under a bush. He asked her about it, and she broke down and confessed that she would get up in the middle of the night, sh*t into a dust pan, then dump it in their yard."

“That my boyfriend uses a fork to eat ice cream.”

"I learned that my husband is a sleep groper. I've woken up to his hand down the back of my pajamas, giving me a couple of butt squeezes in his sleep."

"I learned that my ex-husband thought you only take the pill when you're going to have sex. I never laughed so hard."

"I learned that my husband of five years — and partner of 17 years — didn’t know how lettuce grew. He thought it grew on a vine."

"I discovered that my husband takes a minimum of six showers a day. They're just like two minutes long each, but holy crap!"

"That my husband pronounces Joaquin Phoenix as 'Jack-win.' It almost divorced us."

“I found out he eats oatmeal without heating it up. Who just puts water into instant oatmeal, and eats it like that? So weird."

"I learned that my husband puts cinnamon on scrambled eggs. He’s a good man, but I will never understand this."

“That my husband drinks the tuna water instead of draining it."

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