Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 6.9-6.11

Winstock 2017! 

The hot messes arrived Friday afternoon with our shady stanna's on! 

When you ask Chris Carr to eat lunch with you and he acts real grown up about being your day date. Pass the salt and pepper! 

McKaila and I grabbed the mic to do interviews all weekend. Lights! Camera! Action! 

Special thanks to Runaway June for making us feel like one of the backup dancers and Brooke Eden for girl gossipin' about bad boys. 

Dear Winstock, Next year I won't drop the mic from being so nervous #newbie 

One of my favorite things to see backstage are the guitars. Each artist always travels with so many different kinds. Some are bedazzled, some old school. Some passed down, some brand spanker new. 

Wish I knew how to strum a ditty- until then I will stick with guitar hero. 


------> legends <-------

When you look up "Country" you see one word under the definition: Skynyrd. I. Am. Not. Worthy. 

Bed Head Probs. 

That moment you party 2 days straight in 90 degree heat. 2 cans of hairspray. 15 bobby pins. 20 white flowers. Little spritz of bug spray and spilled booze. 


Sundaze with my man. 

Breakfast in Bed and Snuggles 'til noon. Shout Out to Amazon Prime Restaurants for makin' lazy taste so good. 


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