Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 6.16-6.18

Friday night was filled with the good ol' daze. I went to visit my old college roommate. I spent 4 yrs with this heart of gold and when she called to hang I was already out the door before we hung up the phone. Now a Momma of 2 and a wife to a hunk she still parties like a champ! Love ya Rae <3 

Some kids party harder than others. 

*Jack Daniels-1...Austin- 0* 

Down for the count made the drive home a lil rough- lets just say our nap time was not just needed but necessary. 

I believe in the Force and the Force is with me. 

Rogue One + Cuddles made for a lazy Saturday night. Add it to your must see list. 

Lasers---> Darth---> Death Star---> R2D2!! (I mean do you need more than that?) Two thumbs way up. 

Sunday afternoon is for playin'. My Sister and Brother-in-law gave Austin and I this "Honey I Blew Up the Yahtzee" game for Christmas and we love it. It's Yahtzee size x10. 

I am clutch for SIXES but Austin pulls out Four Of A Kind... every time. Let the good times *ROLL* 

Our beautiful friend Kristen asked Austin and I if we would take photos for her company: Pretty In Ink Photography. This. Was. Amazing. 

Kristen is just a good soul. She sees beauty in the details. Makes nerves turn to giggles and likes long kisses for a photo as much as I do. She got to see what only some catch a glimpse of. 

Love her look. Love her style. Love the way she sees "us." Stay tuned for more babies! 

***Check out Kristen's Pages and book a session with her*** 

Facebook: Pretty In Ink Photography ------- 

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