Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 6.23-6.25

Saturday night was full. Full of love between two of my favorite souls chelsea and jim. Full of celebration. Full of friends. Chim you ARE relationship goals. Chim you ARE what foreva love is all about. Thank you for letting me witness your Beautiful. 

congrats to you both. I adore all that you are. 

find your tribe and keep them all wrapped up giggles and good times. These Ladies. They keep me humble. Keep me sane. Keep me strong. Keep me loved. 

ya... I took this guy home #werkedit #allmine 

what wedding wouldn't be complete without your wing women making sure your wardrobe malfunctions are kept to a minimum, your drinks are strong and to remind you cookies have no calories on Saturdays. Love You All. 

find your crazy squad and hold on real tight. The photobooth was in full force.  #heygoodlooking 

my girl Jackie dressed to kill in black lace had a new accessory that topped everyone else's. No bracelet, earnings or necklace could compare. A Dolly Parton tattoo. Baby girl--> your ink AMAZING! 

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